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About us

jetztdesign creates conceptual designs for intranet and extranet portals and web-based applications.

jetztdesign works with a team of usability and design experts and was founded by Ina Hutter a certified usability engineer with more than 15 years of experience.


Style of working

A positive user experience is key to the success of any application or website. Which is why our concepts are user-oriented.

Our solutions focus on ease of use and the right look & feel to reflect this. We enable users to complete their tasks entirely, efficiently and properly. Our usability team is ISO 9241-certified and applies a strictly user-oriented method.

Usability-Prozessmodell angelehnt an ISO 9241-210

Understanding users and their needs

  • Personas


  • Pietree

    Usage test: Tree testing

  • Heatmap

    Usage test: Heat maps

  • Heatmap

    Usage scenarios

  • Statistic


Our design approach is based on fully understanding the users, the tasks they perform and their working environment. The analysis phase involves, for example, conducting surveys and creating personas if required. During the concept management phase, we test the initial results with the users. For this, we use usability methods such as prototypes, click demos, heat maps and tree testing.

We tailor the technology to suit the needs of the users, not the other way round. But we also bear technical practicability in mind. This keeps costs and the timescale in check.


Service sector
  • AWT Allgemeine Wirtschaftstreuhand GmbH, Munich
  • Deutsche Training sales- and management-training GmbH, Seebruck
  • ESD Dienstleistungsgruppe, Munich
  • Flughafen Munich GmbH, Munich
  • GePro Gesellschaft für Projektsteuerung im Bauwesen mbH, Berlin
  • Healy Hudson GmbH, Munich
  • Horwath International, New York
  • K.I.M. Verkaufsförderungs GmbH, Munich
  • Karl Broich Premium Catering GmbH, Düsseldorf
  • mission eRelations AG, Neu-Ulm
  • Plakativ GmbH, Neuss
  • MyFamily.com GmbH, Munich
  • KVNO, Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Nordrhein, Düsseldorf
  • Schön Kliniken, Prien
Trade/online trade
  • Audi Zentrum Augsburg, Augsburg
  • Autohaus Christl GmbH & Co. KG, Munich
  • Autohaus Freising Schowalter GmbH & Co. KG, Freising
  • Beautynet Online Parfümerie GmbH, Munich
  • best book marketing, Munich
  • Maschek Automobile GmbH & Co. KG, Burglengenfeld
  • Reifen Wagner I.S. Auto-Service GmbH & Co. KG, Landshut
  • Aeris Impulsmöbel GmbH & Co. KG, Munich
  • Aeronautec GmbH, Seeon
  • ESP-GEKO Energiesysteme, Munich
  • ExecuJet Investment AG, Zug, Switzerland
  • Giesecke & Devrient GmbH, Munich
  • Grundig Intermedia GmbH, Nürnberg
  • Helbling Technik GmbH, Munich
  • KION GROUP GmbH, Wiesbaden
  • OSRAM GmbH, Munich
  • PCS Systemtechnik GmbH, Munich
  • PULS GmbH Power Supplies, Munich
  • Siemens AG, Munich
  • Siemens Technology Accelerator GmbH
Information Technology
  • Andante Computer Vertriebs GmbH, Munich
  • Hyperwave AG, Munich
  • Intel GmbH, Feldkirchen
  • Micrografx (Deutschland) GmbH, Munich
  • Network Computing GmbH, Munich
  • Ornetix Network Computing, Munich
  • PEGAS systemhaus gmbh, Munich
  • SIMPACK AG, Gilching
  • Stonesoft Germany GmbH, Frankfurt am Main
  • Symantec Deutschland GmbH, Aschheim
  • Veritas Software GmbH, Aschheim
  • Vodafone Group Services Ltd, Newbury, United Kingdom
  • Vodafone GmbH, Düsseldorf/Ratingen
  • Bayerische Krankenkasse BKK, Munich
  • Versicherungskammer Bayern, Munich
  • best book marketing, Munich
  • Bibliographisches Institut & F. A. Brockhaus AG, Mannheim
  • Brockhaus Duden Neue Medien GmbH, Mannheim
  • DasErste.de, Munich
  • gotoBavaria, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern GmbH, Munich
  • Kabel 1, Munich
  • ki.ka Buch Verlag, Munich
  • Marlboro Music GmbH (IDE), Munich
  • Pattloch Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Augsburg
  • Polyband GmbH, Munich
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media, Unterföhring
  • RadioCom S.W. GmbH, Ludwigshafen
  • Richard Pflaum Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Munich
  • Rossipaul Medien, Munich
  • Sparkassen Verlag GmbH, Munich
  • Entertainment Factory, Munich
  • Verlag Aenne Burda GmbH & Co. KG, Munich
  • Verlagsgruppe Droemer-Knaur GmbH & Co. KG, Munich
  • xipolis.net GmbH & Co. KG, Munich
  • ViaMedia GmbH, Kirchheim


Ina Hutter Unternehmenskommunikation
Waldstrasse 25
D-82335 Berg

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  • Employee portals are an important tool for in-house knowledge sharing and collaboration. An intranet should form a key tool for employees that provides a source of relevant and up-to-date information, improves communication and simplifies work. We are specialists in Microsoft SharePoint, the technology widely used for intranets these days.
  • Our services: Concept management, design
  • Exchange confidential data and speed up communications. Extranets optimize collaboration with customers and partners. The same rules apply to closed external platforms as for internal solutions, the difference being that more diverse user groups usually need bearing in mind.
  • Our services: Concept management, design
  • First, we analyse how people perform tasks in their work environment, then we tailor applications to reflect the work processes of all involved. This enables effective and error-free work. It’s an investment that pays off by saving the company money.
  • Our services: Concept management, design, implementation
  • For new services to be successful, employees have to take them on board. We help you to generate acceptance and enthusiasm in advance and to take the right communication measures.
  • Our services: Communications strategy, concept management, text, design, production
  • Pre-launch sites, videos, presentations, banners, posters
  • Guidelines enable our customers to maintain consistency as they continue to develop their carefully planned concepts in the company. Portals and applications must follow a common set of rules in order to achieve a standard image. This applies to user interfaces and the visual appearance. Our guidelines are based on proven practices and incorporate the corporate culture in question.
  • Our services: Concept management, text, design, production
  • Usability guidelines, design style guides, editorial guidelines
  • Training and support are important success factors for the launch and duration of an online service. The aim is to prepare users and authors for their specific tasks and to support them in day-to-day use of the system.
  • Our services: Concept management, text, design, production
  • Handbooks, online aids, training manuals